On The Road Again: August, 1998 - January, 1999

To start this trip, I ran off to Kathmandu again to work on the TibetD Tibetan Dictionary and Database project. Here's the group e-mails I sent to my friends:

  9 Aug '98 Kathmandu Eyes
15 Aug '98 A Day in the Life of a Programmer in Kathmandu
30 Aug '98 Dogmandu
  1 Sep '98 The Neighbors
  4 Sep '98 Kathmandu Vibes
  6 Sep '98 Kathmandu Vibes Followup
  8 Sep '98 Ring Road
12 Sep '98 Rinpoche's Return
15 Sep '98 Sunrise

After Nepal, I traveled to Europe to visit friends there and to teach at a month long meditation retreat in Germany:

30 Sep '09 Europe 1998

I concluded the trip by visiting family and friends over the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's holidays.

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