Yesterday the mountains just north of Kathmandu were back again when I headed to the bathroom just after sunrise. But the awesome Eastern Himalayan range, tho possibly also not cloud covered just yet, was lost in the glare and haze of the early morning sun. So I vowed to get up early this morning - before sunrise and see what I could see.

There was a bit more than the normal early morning commotion this morning and I was indeed awake earlier than usual. I peeked out my western facing window and could still see Jupiter hugging the hills to the west - I'd beaten the sun up. I sleepily strolled out to the back balcony - and yes, the mountains north of Kathmandu were again clearly visible in the predawn light - and the whole magnificently jagged Eastern Himalayan range was etched into the northeastern horizon. I hurriedly washed my face, grabbed a warm pullover and stepped out on to the rooftop outside my room. Magnificent! I grabbed a chair and had an eastward facing seat to watch the show. The fog below threatened a washout. Rosy-fingered Dawn painted the sky, as they say. Venus, which had been clearly visible as the morning star, disappeared into the growing light. Chanting from the shrine room, 2 floors below, drowned out the roosters and dogs. And the mountains just sat there in their unbelievable glory. It became a race between the sun and the fog - and it ended in a tie. Light was streaming thru the high passes in the mountains to the north as the sun poked its glowing edge over the horizon, but before it was fully up, the fog enveloped the whole scene and the mountains receded again into my memory. With a big grin on my face, I stood up and began my morning yoga.

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