Vibes Followup

Well, quite a lot has transpired since I wrote the previous. I showed up at work Friday morning expecting to send my email as usual. But after the fight yesterday, the landlord cut the phones to The Drupa Kagyu Heritage Project - literally ripped the phone lines out of the wall outside. And he's given DKHP 3 days to move out - quite impossible as well as illegal. The 3 days are up tonight and we'll see what happens. Tony's wife has been searching, but no new place to live has materialized. I'm actually now quite glad that I'm in a guest house down the block rather than in the midst of all that mess.

It turns out that the landlord is not only moody and angry, but quite crazy. Plus he's apparently a follower of Shugdon [for those of you who know about Shugdon]. So the heavy vibes I was picking up were heavy indeed.

I'll be moving up to Tsoknyi Rinpoche's monastery, probably tomorrow, to do a week long self-retreat.

Tony and DKHP did indeed have to move out on very short notice. It took about 5 days before they found a new house - a more workable one than the old one, tho not in as good a location. The new landlord is Drupa Kagyu, so that should help things in that department considerably.

Over the following week, they got all their stuff moved in, began getting it organized and started painting the place. The computer editing project was underway again fairly quickly. Adi Rinpoche, the guru in charge of all the editing, and his entourage had not moved in by the time I left Kathmandu - they were waiting for the paint to dry and the final touches to be put on their apartments upstairs. But the new place looks quite good now and I think in the long run, it will be a much better deal all the way around.

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