Tibetan Text Preservation Projects

This page contains information about Tibetan Text Preservation Projects and other Tibetan DataBases.

  • World’s largest collection of Tibetan Buddhist literature now available on the Internet Archive

    The info below is very badly out of date. If you have anything to contribute, please e-mail me at

    Tibetan Text Preservation Projects in Progress -- late 1990's

    [I have no further infomation about these projects today other than the links provided.]

  • The Asian Classics Input Project (ACIP) - available on-line: ACIP Release 6 .

  • Nitartha International

  • Dharma Publishing: Yeshe De Text Preservation

  • Projects using the Tibetan Computer Company's TibetD Tibetan Database Engine:

    The following information about many of these projects was provided in 1997 by Mr. Tony Duff who headed the Drukpa Kagyu Heritage Project in Kathmandu, Nepal. The "new program" he talks about is the TibetD database program which is also used as the engine for the PKTC Tibetan Dictionaries.

  • Drukpa Kagyu Heritage Project. 120 vols in and about 30 vols well-edited. We will establish a correction center in Lhasa later this year in order to finalize the editing.

  • Sakya project here in Bauddha has about 10 vols typed in. They have five computers now after being underway for a mere five months and plan to input and correct the entire corpus of Sakya literature. Anyone else planning to do this should be working with them as they are the official office for the Sakyas. They will input their work and will then have a team of editors from Bir Sakya College in India do all of the correction work. They have not only agreed to publish all of their work in the new program but have been making me promise that they could do so.

  • Gomang Pharkhang. Run by Peter Gilks. A commercial desktop publishing house which has been slowly working towards publishing the entire Gomang yig.cha. As a commercial proposition, the Treasure Treasury (gter.mdzod) of Chogyur lingpa, the great treasure-revealer of last century, has been produced by them. The 40 volumes are just now having their correction work finalized. Most volumes have had the camera-ready copy made. We will convert the Tibetan! 4.x format into the electronic pecha format in the next few weeks.

  • Zhechen Gonpa. Matthieu Ricard. They have completed the bKah 'bum of Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche and published it (27 vols). The work is being converted in to the electronic pecha format now. Matthieu is underway with a five-year plan to publish a great deal of rare Nyingma material. All to be available on both paper and our electronic pecha format

  • Namdroling Monastery in India. Their shedra is now officially computerized and their plan for the next few years is to input all of Longchen Rabjam' works, all of Jigme lingpa's works, and the 17 root tantras of Dzogchen. Numerous other works to be done as well. Their work is especially important because they have excellent scholars and will do very good correction work. All work to be published on paper and our electronic pecha format.

  • Drigung Kagyu at Jangchub Ling, Dehradhun in India. Have already published their most important sung 'bum (16 vols) and are now on to completing the whole Drigung Kagyu literature. All to be published on paper and our electronic pecha format.

  • Nyingmapa at Kochen Tulku's monastery in India. Publishing Mindroling material. Total amount equals 40 vols. All input and being corrected now. Will be published shortly on paper and in our electronic pecha format.

  • Taklung Kagyu. Under the supervision of Sonam Tobgyal in Toronto, Canada. Have just started work on the complete collection of Taklung Kagyu works. These were written on paper by their last remaining great Khenpo and stolen by bandits en-route to Kathmandu. They are starting again from the beginning by computer. To be published on paper and our new format.

  • Sangngag Tulku of Zhechen Monastery. Has established a small project to preserve the writings of Tsasum lingpa, a famous treasure revealer. To be published both ways. 10. Bhutan as a whole is planning to purchase my software. We are negotiating now and training monks from the main Drukpa Kagyu Monastery in Thimpu. I expect a huge amount of work to be input and corrected by them. They have abandoned the Druk Mac for PC's and are using Tibetan 4.x.

  • There are a variety of smaller works that have been completed around here though I have yet to gather the materials. Mostly Nyingma material e.g., about 16 vols. of material for Chatral Rinpoche including a lot of Patrul Rinpoche and so on. The paper publication is done, I will gather the files and publish them electronically.

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