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CMDer is a Windows frontend for the standard Windows Command Shell (aka cmd.exe). It supports ^C and ^V for Copy and Paste. It works by piping its input to a slave cmd.exe's stdin and it reads a pipe connected to stdout and writes that to the screen.

Edit > Edit Bypass-cmd Commands - Details

Bypass-cmd commands should always be Windows executables. CMDer spawns these Bypass-cmd commands using the Window API which searches for the executable file in the following sequence:
  1. The directory from which the CMDer.exe loaded - e.g. C:\bin
  2. The current directory for CMDer - e.g. C:\My Documents
  3. The 32-bit Windows system directory - usually C:\Windows\system32
  4. The 16-bit Windows system directory - usually C:\Windows\system
  5. The Windows directory - usually C:\Windows
  6. The directories that are listed in the PATH environment variable.
This order is probably different from your PATH environment variable, especially #1.
Also a command with a period in its name won't work unless the .exe is also given.

Release Notes for CMDer Version 2.2

Release Notes for CMDer Version 2.1

Release Notes for CMDer Version 2.0

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