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CMDer is a Windows frontend for the standard Windows Command Shell (aka cmd.exe). It supports ^C and ^V for Copy and Paste. It works by piping its input to a slave cmd.exe's stdin and it reads a pipe connected to stdout and writes that to the screen. Mostly it works like cmd.exe - just try what you are used to doing with cmd.exe and see if it works. If you have been using CMDer previously, you might want to take a look at what's new.

There are some limitation, however:


INI File:

Command line options:

Immediate Commands are Menu commands that can be run from the CMDer prompt. They start with / and include

Except for /u, you can run immediate commands at the same prompt as a command that will be passed to the slave cmd.exe: The Code Page for the main cmder window can be set using View > Code Page (Shift+Ctrl+C). By default it is set to ANSI. The CDCP command is always run to set cmd.exe to whatever value you choose. Valid values for setting the code page are: You can type 20-FF.txt (20-FF.txt is part of the distro for cmder) to see the effect of changing the code page to different values.

File Completion and Directory Completion work much the same as with cmd /F:ON using ^F and ^D respectively. Currently quotes are not inserted if needed (you'll have to take care of that yourself) and Shift+Ctrl+F and Shift+Ctrl+D are not yet implemented. Run help cmd for more info on this. Program Completion is also available using ^R - the PATH is searched for executables that begin with what has been typed.

The slave cmd.exe is run as hidden. You can return it to view with View > Show Cmd, tho there is nothing to see. If you interrupt a command with ^C, the current directory for the current drive will be retained; If the current drive is not C:, C: will be set to its last known directory (however cmder may be unaware of C:'s last directory if the directory was changed in a batch file while not logged to C:). All other drives will be set to the logged directory when they were last the logged drive.

If you find any bugs or wish any new features, send me an email. Known Problems

Leigh Brasington