ViewWith is a simple Windows program that takes a URL as input and provides a list of programs to open that URL. You can quickly choose the one you want to use, press Enter, and that program is spawned with that URL as its command line input.

This program is intended to be used in conjunction with the FireFox extension IE View WE at By setting the "IE Location" in the Options dialog to ViewWith, you can right click on any link and then choose what program you want to open the extension. This provides a way to get streaming videos as well as open a web page in various browsers.

The ViewWith.dat file contains the list of program you get to choose from; it must reside in the same folder (directory) as the ViewWith.exe program. The first line is NOT a choice! It is the line to use as the intially selected value when ViewWith starts. All the following lines are full paths to the various choices. Notice that the first line must be EXACTLY the same as one of the following lines.

The included ViewWith.dat file contain the default full paths for

If these paths are not where your programs are located, or you want to change the programs or the default (the first line), you can edit this file with Notepad.

Download ViewWith17,432 bytes

Installation Instructions:

  1. Unzip and place all files in a known folder
  2. Install IE View in Firefox
  3. In Firefox, click the Tools > Extensions menu item
  4. Click IE View
  5. Click Options
  6. Change the IE Location to point to the full path for ViewWith.exe

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