Traveler's Packing List

Leigh Brasington - 15 March, 1981

This is the exact list of my possessions on 15 March '81 after being on the road for over 2 years traveling thru the South Pacific, Australia, New Zealand and Asia. I had pared down to just these essential possessions. This list is suitable for traveling in a warm climate - it does not include enough clothes for winter weather.

1Swiss Army Knife"New Tinker"
1Money PurseCoin purse size to carry a small amount of money for easy access
1Money Belt containing
Cash in local currency
Train tickets
Airline tickets
Youth Hostel card
Student ID card
Vaccination card
$50 in small U.S. bills
International driver's permit
California driver's license
American Express Card
3 blank checks from my home bankWith my AMEX card, I could write a check on my home account at any AMEX office and purchase more Travelers checks
Travelers checks
Visa Photos
Scuba diver card
1Nametag for pack
1Sleeping BagHollowfil, 3-season, with stuff sack
1clothes bag
1nylon T-shirt
1cotton T-shirt
1pair of cotton shorts
1pair of nylon running shorts
1pair of underwear(the running shorts doubled as the 2nd pair)
1Speedo swimsuit(also could double as underwear)
1pair of corduroy pantsNicer than jeans, quicker drying
2pair of drawstring pants
1nice long sleeved dress shirtwear with corduroy pants when going thru immigration
2pair of white socksAustralian school socks - very durable
1pair of wool socksfor wearing with my hiking boots
1pair of hiking boots
1pair of running shoes
1pair of flip-flops(thongs, jandles)
1towelthin so it would dry quickly
1water bottlemetal fuel bottle (that never had fuel in it of course) - leak proof
1roll of toilet paperIt's not provided in Asia
1soap container with soap
1tube of toothpaste
1bottle of vitamins
1package of razor blades
1miscellaneous bag
2bottles of sunscreenwaterproof
1bottle mosquito repellant
1mosquito net with stuff sack
1chainvery useful for locking my bag in my berth on the trains
1padlock with 2 keys
1novelTrade with other travelers when finished
1Medical kit containing:
HydrogenPeroxideH2O2 - the MOST important item in the medical kit
Mercurochromeput on ALL cuts and scrapes
roll of waterproof adhesive tape
dental floss
malaria tablets
3 Sterile pads
2 alcohol swabs
lots of Band_Aids
tube of fungicide
tube of antiseptic cream
antiseptic throat lozenges
eye drops
1ankle brace
1book of matches
5ziplock plastic bags
1yellow marking pen
1tube of Snowseal for boots
1pouch containing
ballpoint pen
sewing kit3 needles, brown nylon thread, white cotton thread,
several pins of various types
more chapstick
more Band-Aids
piece of cloth for repairing my backpack
more matches
Small metal box containingmore visa photos
safety pins
straight pins
twist strips
paper clips
rubber bands
1Bag containing various papers
old letters
more blank checks
more travelers checks
list of AMEX addresses
tiny notebook
1Shoulder Bag containing
Outside pocket containingsunglasses and ballpoint pen
Sun hat
nylon raincoat/windbreaker
Address Book
Bag containingalarm clock
small mirror
fingernail clipper
stash box
water purification tablets

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