(The Turning of the Dhamma Wheel Sutta)
Samyutta Nikaya 56.11

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Thus have I heard: Once occasion the Blessed One was living at Benares in the Deer Park at Isipatana. There he addressed the bhikkhus of the group of five:

That is what the Blessed One said. Gratified, the group of five monks delighted at his words.

And while this explanation was being given, there arose to Ven. Kondañña the dustless, stainless Dhamma eye:

When the Wheel of Dhamma had thus been set rolling by the Blessed One the earthgods raised the cry: "At Benares, in the Deer Park at Isipatana, the matchless Wheel of truth has been set rolling by the Blessed One, not to be stopped by monk or divine or god or death-angel or high divinity or anyone in the world."

On hearing the earth-gods' cry, all the gods in turn in the six paradises of the sensual sphere took up the cry till it reached beyond the Retinue of High Divinity in the sphere of pure form. And so indeed in that hour, at that moment, the cry soared up to the World of High Divinity, and this ten-thousandfold world-element shook and rocked and quaked, and a great measureless radiance surpassing the very nature of the gods was displayed in the world.

Then the Blessed One exclaimed: "So you really know, Kondañña? So you really know?"

And that is how Ven. Kondañña acquired the name Añña-Kondañña -- Kondañña who knows.

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