Loving-Kindness Meditation

The Seed of Enlightenment

A guided meditation by Ven. Ayya Khema

In order to start please put the attention on the breath for just a few moments.

Look into your heart and see that there is a shining jewel in there, beautiful, translucent, giving off many colors, the most valuable thing that one can find in the universe, the seed of enlightenment, look at it, it soothes your heart and you can love yourself because you carry that within. And the love that you feel is the nourishment for that seed to develop. In the warmth of your heart, give that beautiful seed within the necessary ground that it needs to grow. And you can be joyful at seeing that this wonderful jewel exists in your heart.

Now put your attention on the person sitting nearest you and the same jewel, translucent, shining, reflecting many colors of the greatest value, lives in that personís heart. And you can fill that person from head to toe with the warmth of love--itís the only thing that you can do to help to make that seed into a beautiful flower.

And think of your parents, whether theyíre still alive or not and see that beautiful seed of enlightenment in their hearts, the most valuable jewel there is in this world in the whole of the universe and you can love them and care for them as the carriers of this beauty.

And now we think of those people who are nearest and dearest to us that we might be living with, and each one carries that same jewel, the seed of enlightenment within, which illuminates the whole heart when we allow it to do so. And our love and compassion and care and concern can fill the hearts of these people to give the nourishment so that the seed can grow.

And we think of our friends, acquaintances, relatives, anyone that comes to mind, anyone at all that we would like to extend the warmth of our love and the care of our compassion to. We look into their hearts and see exactly what we have in our own, the jewel of the seed of enlightenment, and we can love them and embrace them and manifest our togetherness that way.

And we think of all the people whom we meet in our everyday life whoever they might be, whoever comes to mind, our neighbors, people at work, people in the shops, in the offices, on the road, in the cars, whoever it is who we meet, who we might talk to or just see, and all of them carry that same beautiful jewel, the seed of enlightenment within, and it is easy to love them, to care for them, to manifest our togetherness because we know that they have that which is of the greatest value, the same as we do. So we extend the warmth of our hearts to them and manifest the togetherness that we feel and the care and help that our love can give them.

And now we think of a difficult person, anyone whom we have been angry at, have rejected, anyone who has been angry at us, has rejected us, or one or more people, and each one carries the same jewel, the seed of enlightenment within, in their hearts, and only love is the nourishment that can make that seed grow and develop and become a beautiful flower. And again we realize the togetherness with that person, the sameness, the non-separation and the warmth of our heart extends also to the difficult people.

And now we take a look at people everywhere, whatever comes to mind. Those that are here in this hall, everyone thatís at Green Gulch, all the people in the surrounding houses, people in the cities, towns, on the land, all over the country, there isnít one that doesnít have that same jewel in their heart. And itís easy to love these people, to feel connected, to manifest the warmth and embrace and to know that thatís the only way they can live together in peace and develop the seed of enlightenment. Wherever we look--each heart has it, itís of the greatest beauty and magnificent value. And so our love can flow easily everywhere unimpeded.

And we put our attention back on ourselves and take a look into our heart and can we see that this wonderful jewel that we carry within has become a little more shiny, is reflecting magnificent colors, takes pride of place in our hearts. And since we can love that jewel we can fill ourselves from head to toe with the warmth of love and surround ourselves with the care of compassion and feel at ease and protected.

May people everywhere cultivate the seed of enlightenment in their own heart.

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