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A Partial List of Insight Practices

Insight Practices Given In or Derived from the Satipatthana Suttas (DN 22 & MN 10)

Anapanasati (Mindfulness of Breathing) which may be used for both Concentration & Insight

Mindfulness of your Postures

Mindfulness of your Physical Activities

Mindfulness of the Parts of your Body (Sweeping, also know as the Body Scan, is said to be derived from this)

Mindfulness of Vedanā (your first categorization of a sensory input – pleasant, unpleasant, neither)

Mindfulness of your Mind State

Mindfulness of Arising & Ceasing (of the Five Aggregates)

The 9 Charnel Ground Contemplations
Contemplation of The 4 Elements
Contemplation of The 5 Hindrances
Contemplation of The 5 Khandhas (Aggregates)
Contemplation of The 6 Senses and their Objects
Contemplation of The 7 Factors of Awakening
Contemplation of The 4 Noble Truths


Insight Practices Given In or Derived from Other Suttas

Anapanasati (Mindfulness of Breathing) may be used for both Concentration & Insight – see e.g., MN 118; SN 54, passim

Bahiya Practice: "In the seen, let there be only the seen,...." – see Ud 10.1, SN 35.95

Contemplation of Anicca (Impermanence)
Contemplation of Dukkha (Unsatisfactoriness)
Contemplation of Anatta (Corelessness)
The 5 Daily Recollections – see AN 5.57


Insight Practices Derived from the Progress of Insight

Mindfulness of Arising & Ceasing

Contemplation of Mind & Body; Contemplation of Which is in Charge
Contemplation of Cause and Effect
Contemplation of Karma
Contemplation of Dependent Origination

Insight Practices from Other Sources

Noting [Mahasi Sayadaw]
Dzogchen [Tibetan]
Mahamudra [Tibetan]
Shikantaza (Just Sitting) [Zen]
Choiceless Awareness [Krishnamurti]

Preciousness of this human birth [Mahāyāna]
"Who Am I?" [Ramana Maharshi]

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