Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius

Prius Mileage Estimator

To estimate what your average mileage might be, start with 45 mpg and make the following eight ± adjustments:

1) Percent of trips (from cold start) less than ~10 minutes:
0%:+2, 33%:+0, 66%:-4, 100%:-8 (consider an EV)

2) Percent of time AC or defroster on:
0%:+1, 33%:+0, 66%:-1, 100%:-3

3) Outside temperature:
below 10F:-9,10-30F:-6, 30-50F:-3, above 50F:+0

4) Percent of time spent in crawling stop'n'go traffic:
0%:+0, 33%:+1, 66%:+2, 100%:+4(consider moving)

5) Percent of time using techniques to maximize Prius mileage (i.e. gradual start on electric, then quick acceleration on gas, then foot off gas pedal when cruise speed obtained):
0%:+0, 33%:+1, 66%:+2, 100%:+4

6) Do you drive very aggressively? (i.e. jack rabbit starts, speed >> average traffic speed):
No:+0, Yes:-3

7) Are your tires under inflated?: (less than 35psi front, 33psi rear)
No:+0, Yes:-2

8) How many adult equivalents does your Prius carry on average?:
1 or 2:+0, 3 or 4:-1, 5 or more:-2

Add or subtract these ±values from 45 mpg to get an idea of what mileage you might get. Feel free to interpolate. Remember: Your Mileage May Vary (YMMV).

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