A guided meditation by Ven. Ayya Khema

Please put the attention on the breath for just a few moments

With each breath that you take, imagine that you are breathing into yourself peacefulness, where ever you think you can get it from, breath it into yourself, maybe from the night sky with the stars, the trees around us, maybe from the stillness in the air, or the mountains in the distance, or just from your breath. Breath it into yourself. Let it settle within. Let it fill you. And on your out breath, think that you are breathing out love from your heart. The warm ,embracing acceptance and care. And let that warm embrace of love that you are breathing out surround you in an embrace.

Now breath that love and peace that is within you. Breath it out to the person next to you. Give it as your gift. Through breath that is life and that connects us all. Because we are breathing the same air.

And now breath that love and peace within you, breath it out to everyone here. Let everyone be part of your breath containing love and peace. Fill everyone and embrace everyone.

Now breath love and peace out to your parents. They too are connected through breath, through air. No discrimination is needed. We are all just part of the whole. And let that part of you that is love and peace come out and fill your parents and embrace them with it.

Now breath out love and peace to your nearest and dearest people. You have breath. You have love. And you have peace. Share it. No other reason. The more we give it, the more we have.

Now breath out love and peace to all your friends. Let them arise before your mind's eye. Let each one share what you have.

Think of the people you know, whom you meet in your daily life. Breath love and peace out to them. Embrace them with the warmth of your care and acceptance and fill them with peacefulness. Share what you have. Think of all the people that you meet in your daily life.

Think of anyone whom you don't like or if there is no such person anyone to whom you are quite indifferent, who means nothing to you. And breath out love and peace to that person. He or she shares the same air, the same earth.

And now let your breath carry love and peace to as many people you can possibly think of. Around here in this area, wherever you think that people can be found. In the houses. On the street. And further afield. Think of people wherever the may be. Let your breath carry your love and your peace to each one of them. Letting them share in the best that we can give them. And further afield, as far as the strength and the power of your love and your peacefulness will reach.

And put your attention back onto yourself. Breath in peace with each in breath and fill yourself with peacefulness. Breath out love with each out breath, with love and acceptance and care. And the lovely feeling of being totally protected. And do this with each in and out breath.

May all beings have love and peace in their hearts.

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