An Easy Way to Find Pali in Suttas

An easy way to find the Pali for a Sutta you are interested in is the following:
  1. Find Bhikkhu Sujato's translation of the sutta at Sutta Central.
    You can use this link to quickly find most suttas if you know their reference number(s). It doesn't always work, but it is much more user friendly than Sutta Central's interface.

  2. Click on Bhikkhu Sujato's translation - e.g. "The Question of Posāla" Snp 5.14
    Yes, I know this takes you to Sutta Central's Snp 5.15 - reference numbers are not consistent across all translators, so double check the sutta's name as well!

  3. In the upper righthand corner, click "views":

  4. Click "Line by line" (or "Side by side") - and your language of choice if you want to activate the dictionary as well.

  5. Click back on the sutta.

  6. To use the dictionary, double click a Pali word. This dictionary does have its limitations, but it's certainly very useful! Sometimes, there is no entry; rarely, but occasionally, the entry is wrong; mostly it's very helpful.

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