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Metta Phrases

Metta is often practiced by silently repeating several phrases directed initially at oneself, and then successively to a benefactor, a friend, a netural person, a difficult person and to all beings. The original phrases suggested by the Buddha are as follows:

Often today, different phrases are taught, such as

What's most important is to use phrases that are meaningful to you - and not too complex; simple is better.

But do notice how much easier it is to say the original pharses to someone you have great difficuly with - for example your least favorite politician or a terriorist. It might be quite difficult to wish that very difficult people be happy, healthy & safe (maybe you can do the peaceful phrase). But certainly you can wish they be free of enmity and hurtfulness. And you certainly can wish that those very difficult people be free of troubles of mind - after all, then they would not be so difficult. And maybe their difficulty stems in part of from troubles of body, so maybe you can do that part as well. And when you understand that the only happiness that can be protected is that which is generated via wise and wholesome actions, you can even wish difficult people have happiness that can be protected.

Guided Metta Contemplation by Ayya Khema using the above phrases
  the introduction is 30 minutes long; the contemplation starts at 30:30
The above original phrases in printable form
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