Meal Blessings

I am grateful for this food --
The work of many hands,
The result of innumerable labors,
And the sharing of other forms of life.

Upaya Food Verse

Earth, air,water, fire, and space combine to make this food
Numberless beings give their lives and labor that we may eat
May we be nourished so that we may nourish life.


With a heart of gratitude, I reflect on this meal:
I give thanks to the earth, the sun, the wind and the rain,
And the hard work of all who produced, prepared and offered it.
I consider it just like my body,
Made of mere elements, devoid of self.

Mindful and content, I eat this food like a good medicine,
Only to relieve feelings of hunger.
I consider my conduct and speech, and even my thoughts
And commit to abandon what is unwholesome,
To cultivate the good, to purify the mind and fully awaken,
and to live with kindness, wisdom and compassion.

Four things return to one who gives the gift of food:
Long life, strength, beauty and happiness.

The Buddha's Word on Eating

Reflecting wisely, I use this food,
not playfully, nor for intoxication,
not for fattening, nor for beautification;
but simply for the survival & continuance of this body,
for ending its afflictions,
for the support of the holy life,
thinking, 'Thus will I destroy old feelings [of hunger]
and not create new feelings [from overeating].
I will maintain myself, be blameless, & live in comfort.'

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