About the name
Leigh Norman Brasington

Leigh: (lee) A surname. At least this is what is usually given. But I think it is not only a surname, but that surname is derived via an earlier corruption of the Scandanavian name "Leif" (lafe). The "gh" can represent the "f" sound (just like "ph" can) in words like "enough". So "Leif" might have been spelled "Leigh" early on and then the pronunciation evolved into "Lee". Just a theory, but certainly more interesting than "A surname".

Norman: (nor-mun) A Norseman. Or perhaps a person from Normandy, which is where William the Conqueror came from. Of course, Normandy got its name from Norse settlers.

Brasington: (braise-zing-ton) From the town of Brassington in Derbyshire, England. Click here for more info on the Brasington family in the USA.

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