Fast Home Pages

Do you want your browser to be much faster? One thing you can do is set your Home Page to a web page on your local hard disk. That way when your browser finishes loading, you are ready to immediately start surfing instead of waiting for your over-the-net home page to load. You don't have to lose access to your current your over-the-net home page - just put a link to it on your local home page.

You can also put other links to frequently visited web pages on your local home page. Then when you press the Home button on your browser, you've got immediate access to your most important bookmarked pages - much faster than all that mouse clicking to get to the bookmark menu item you want.

Below are two pages that are built to be local home pages. The first one is my current local home page - it's rather complex with both local and network links. The second one is a good starting place for you to build your own customized local home page.

Happy Surfing!

Leigh Brasington's Local Home Page

Home Page for Kindle

Sample Local Home Page

You can save the above page on your local hard disk in a known folder (Use the File/SaveAs menu item) and then edit the saved file with NotePad to make the changes you want. Then set your browser's Home Page to point to this local file that is customized to your liking and is much faster.

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