Loving-Kindness Meditation - Goodness of Yourself and Others

A guided meditation by Ven. Ayya Khema

Please put the attention on the breath for just a few moments.

Think of all the nice things you have ever done in yours life, such as helping another person, being concerned about another's welfare, being loving and kind to another one, giving a present. Anything that you can think of that you think was a good thought or deed.

Remember it now. And then feel warm and loving towards yourself. Recognizing all the goodness in yourself.

Think of the people who are close to you. Think of all the good deeds that they have ever done. Those that you know and those that you surmise. Appreciate them and love them. Because of that goodness that you can feel in them.

Think of the people you know. Let them arise before your minds eye. And think of all their good deeds that you know about or that you surmise in them. Feel your heart going out to them. Appreciating... loving... respecting... the goodness in them.

Think of those people who are part of you life but towards whom you feel quite indifferent. You meet them here and there. You don't have any real connection to them. Think of all the good things they have done...possibly for you. Appreciate and love them and respect them. Make your heart reach out to them.

Now think of anyone who you don't like or who is bothering you in anyway and then think of all the good things that person has ever thought, said, or done. Whether you where actually present or not. Appreciate and respect that person for his or her goodness. Let your heart go out to him or her. Feeling the sameness, the oneness, that unites all of us.

Think of people in your home town. Those you know and those you don't know. Remember all the good things you know about them, surmise the others, appreciate them, let you heart reach out and connect with their hearts.

Now think of people everywhere. In the towns. In the cities, villages. On the land. All of them looking for happiness. All of them having goodness in their hearts. Connect with that goodness, connect with their hearts. Let your appreciation, your warmth and respect, for all these beings, flow out of your heart, and help to lift the consciousness that is present in humanity.

Now put your attention back onto yourself. And feel the ease that comes when consciousness goes to goodness and lovingness. Feel how the mind feels lighter, pleased, carefree, and the heart feels loving. Connect with the goodness in yourself. See it clearly. Anchor that recognition within your heart, so you can retain it. Never lose sight of it. And feel the appreciation and warmth welling up within you, connected to that goodness.

May beings everywhere appreciate and respect each other.

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