Loving-Kindness Meditation - The Fountain of Love

A guided meditation by Ven. Ayya Khema

Please put the attention on the breath for just a moment.

Imagine that you have a fountain in your heart, a fountain of love. The water of this fountain as it keeps bubbling up and spreading and has its beautiful appearance, all of that is filled with love. Every drop of water that comes out of that fountain is a drop of love.

So let yourself be filled by that fountain of love from head to toe.

Now imagine that you are standing under this fountain and these drops of love cover you completely.

Now let this fountain become powerful enough, so that its drops of love can fall into the heart of the person nearest to you. Let it be a beautiful fountain in movement and appearance. So powerful that the drops can go right into your neighbor's heart.

Make the fountain so large that every one here can stand under it and be drenched with love. The drops that come out of this fountain bring joy to everyone. But the source of the fountain remains in your heart.

Now let this fountain that comes out of your heart use its beautiful drops to fill your parents hearts. They too are part of the beauty and refreshment that comes from this fountain of love.

Let this fountain reach out to those nearest and dearest to you. Let them be filled and refreshed, each drop containing love.

All your good friends will now partake of this fountain of love. Make it embracing enough, so that they can all partake in the refreshment and beauty of it.

Now let this force of the fountain in your heart be strong enough, so that all the people who are part of your life can receive the drops of love that rain down from it.

If there is anyone whom you do not like, do not love, take that person into your heart so that the fountain of love can refresh and renew the joy in that person's heart also.

Put so much love in that fountain, so that its spray becomes larger and larger and more encompassing. Give it more and more power, so that it can reach far and wide. First it reaches the people who are near, then further and further afield. Make that fountain bigger and bigger, more and more powerful. Put more and more love into it to give it energy, give it strength to reach ever further. Let these drops of love fall down into the hearts of being as far as the strength of this fountain will reach.

Now put your attention back on yourself. Let this fountain of love remain in your heart to refresh and to strengthen you. Continue to let the drops of love fill you and surround you, always available, always the source of joy for yourself and others. Let the fountain remain, be part of your heart.

May all beings have love in their hearts.

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