Loving-Kindness Meditation

The Fountain of Love and Appreciation and Acceptance

A guided meditation by Ven. Ayya Khema

Please put your attention on the breath for just a few moments.

Go to your heart center and become aware of a feeling there. It may be warmth. It may be movement. It may be expansion. Maybe a feeling of solidity. Keep your attention on the heart center and see whether you can become aware of a loving feeling, turned inwards, towards yourself. It may be of acceptance or appreciation. Try to pin point the heart center where this feeling arises and from that point let the feeling stream out like a fountain covering you. Covering you with love and appreciation and acceptance.

Now from your heart center let love and appreciation and acceptance reach out into the room and let it reach out to each person here. Like a fountain that brings relief to each person.

Now think of people to whom you would like to give love and appreciation and acceptance. Fill them with those emotions. Embrace them with them.

Now think of people towards whom you find it difficult to arose those emotions. Let your heart center speak. Give those people also the gift of love and appreciation.

Now think of other people you know. Whom you meet in your daily lives. At home or at work. In shops or on streets. Let them all partake of that beautiful fountain that brings love and appreciation from your heart center to them.

Now try to feel the unity that connects all of us together, where you yourself are not separated from the rest of the people. And within that unity the fountain of love from your heart center just covers all that is around you, within you, without any separation.

And now let your heart grow, so that it becomes larger and larger. Large enough so that it can cover a whole city or state or country or planet. So that the fountain of love from your heart center becomes larger and larger. And reaches out as far as the strength of your love will go.

And now make that fountain of love from your heart so enormous that it will reach the sky, the moon, and the stars and cover all with the love from your heart.

And now put yourself under that fountain of love from your heart, but don't diminish that fountain. Leave it large enough to reach the sky, but you put yourself under it, so that you are covered with love and appreciation.

And now anchor that all encompassing fountain of love in your heart so that it may remain with you.

May there be a feeling of unity amongst beings.

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