How to Implement Send Page in FireFox

The wonderful FireFox browser is missing one of my favorite features: However you can fairly easily implement that functionality - for Windows.
  1. Download the UDP word processor
  2. Install UDP by running the installation package you downloaded;
    Just take the defaults for all the questions.
  3. In UDP click Options > E-mail and select "Text only file"
    and uncheck "Send HTML messages in-line"
  4. In UDP click Options > Advanced and check "Disable Tibetan"
  5. Exit UDP
  6. In FireFox click Tools > Extensions
  7. At the bottom of the Extensions dialog, click "Get More Extensions"
  8. In the Search box on the new page that appears, enter ViewSourceWith and click the "Go" button
  9. Click "ViewSourceWith" and then click "Install Now"
  10. Exit FireFox - be sure to close all FireFox windows!
  11. Restart FireFox and click Tools > Extensions and then "ViewSourceWith"
  12. Click the "Options" button
  13. On the "ViewSourceWith settings" dialog, click the "New" button
  14. In the "Choose Editor" dialog, Browse to the path to UDP (usually C:\UDocProc\UDP.exe or C:\Tibetan\UDP.exe)
  15. Enter UDP for the Description
  16. Click OK
  17. Click OK and the implementation is complete.
You are now ready to use the Send Page functionality
  1. Go to a web page you want to email
  2. Right click on the page and choose View source with > UDP
  3. Click the Email button when UDP appears, then exit UDP
  4. Compose and Send your email message and the web page will be included as an attachment.

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