FedEx, What Are You Doing?

On a Wednesday I ordered a pair of scissors to take with me on my upcoming trip to Europe. I want to use them to trim my beard rather than taking my plug in beard-trimmer. I sprung for the FedEx 2nd day shipping to ensure they arrived before my flight to Europe.

They did indeed arrive in just 2 days as you can see in the 2 pictures below. But more interesting perhaps is the fact that they went from San Francisco to FedEx Oakland, then to FedEx Memphis, then right back to FedEx Oakland from whence they were delivered. In other words, my scissors got a round trip flight to Memphis in order to travel from FedEx Oakland to FedEx Oakland. Doesn't that strike you as a bit odd? Doesn't that seem like a waste of resources? OK, a one pound package won't burn up that much jet fuel, but whatever tiny amount it used was totally wasted. And the production line sorting my package extra times was certainly a waste.

So why did they do this? All I can guess it that they used the FedEx airplane as a warehouse in order to prevent my scissors from arriving in one day! If I'm correct, it means they would rather waste the earth's resources than have me obtain my package in one day if I only paid for 2nd day shipping. No wonder this planet is in such big trouble.

Read the shipping itinerary from the botton up to see my scissors get a free trip to Memphis

(The pen is just to help you judge the sizes, the bar codes have been altered in the photo below)

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