800 Years of Gregorian Calendars


A Program to Generate a Calendar for Any Year between 1701 and 2500
calyr.exe (stored in calyr.zip - 21,525) Windows Application (Win/9x/ME/NT/2000/XP/V) 2009/02/03

The Gregorian Calendar came into use in the British Empire September 2, 1752 - the next day was September 14th. The old Julian calendar was 12 days off at that time. By then even Protestant Britian recognized the need to move to the "new" Gregorian Calendar that had been in use in Roman Catholic countries since 1582, when Pope Gregory XIII ordered the advancement of the calendar by 10 days and introduced what we now call the Gregorian Calendar.

This little program can generate an HTML Gregorian calendar for any year from 1701 to 2500 and will automatically display it in your browser. If you run it with no command line arguments, it will display a dialog where you can enter the year as well as other formatting values:

The number months per row and the total number of months are remembered in calyr.ini which is written in the same directory as calyr.exe.

If you run it with a valid year given on the command line, it will generate the calendar for that year without displaying the dialog:

    calyr 2009

The file it generates will be written to your TEMP directory and is named calendar.htm; this can be changed by running the program with the -f flag - Example:

    calyr -f c:\mydir\2009.htm         [will display the dialog to obtain the years, etc.]
    calyr -f c:\mydir\2009.htm 2009 [will not display the dialog, runs automatically]

It is possible to use this program to generate calendars for multiple years as well as for a single or a few months by entering values in the dialog. The links below show some example of this:

Note this program generates English language calendars yet these are not the calendars in use in the British Empire from 1701 - 1752.

This program is FreeWare and you may use it and the calendars it generates any way you wish. However, I do request the you leave the comment line
      <!-- Generated by CALYR.EXE - http://leighb.com/sharware.htm -->
in the resulting output.

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