Loving-Kindness Meditation -The Soft White Blanket

A guided meditation by Ven. Ayya Khema

Please put the attention on the breath for just a few moments.

Imagine that you have a beautiful soft white blanket, wrapped all around you. Keeping you warm, protected, safe, and cared for… Feel that within yourself…How you yourself can bring about these feelings.

And now, give this beautiful blanket as a gift to the person sitting next to you…wrap him or her in the beautiful, white soft blanket, making that person feel safe and protected, loved and cared for.

Make the blanket large enough to wrap everybody in it who is present here…giving everyone the sense of safety, security, protection, love, and care. Feeling warm and snug and softly touched by your beautiful white blanket.

Now think of your parents whether they’re still alive or not. Give them the gift of the beautiful, white, soft blanket. Wrap them in it. Cover them with your care, your protection, and your love.

Think of those people who are closest to you. Give them the gift of the beautiful white blanket with which you show them your love and your care, your protection, making them feel safe and at ease.

And now let the beautiful, white, soft blanket warp around all your friends letting them experience your care, your love, making them feel safe and protected, at ease.

And now make the beautiful blanket large enough to wrap around all the people whom you meet in your daily life, giving each of them your love, your care. The feeling of being safe.

Think of anyone whom you find difficult and give that person the gift of the beautiful soft white blanket too. Giving warmth and care, wrapping it around that person to show your love.

Think of all the people who are present in this place. Make the beautiful white soft blanket large enough to embrace all of them with it. Bringing them warmth, protection, care and love. Letting them feel your friendship.

Think of all the people whose lives are far more difficult than ours. In hospital, in prison, in refuge camps, crippled, blind, hungry, without friends or shelter. Multiply the beautiful white soft blanket as many times as you can to give to each of these people as many as you can think and conjure up. Wrapping each one in the softness and warmth and care and love. Making them feel at ease.

And now wrap the beautiful, soft, white blanket around yourself again. Feeling contented about having given your love to others. Feeling warm and protected, loved and cared for.

May all beings protect each other.

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