Better MS Windows Computing

  1. Back up your system! One day you will lose everything on your hard drive - everything. If you don't have a backup, it will be gone. You must have two copies of everything you consider important and the two copies have to be on different media. You can use floppies, zip disks, CD-R or CD-RW, an external hard drive, some other system on your network, etc. to store the second copy. But you must be prepared - or lose your data.

  2. Think twice about installing ANY new software. Windows computers deteriorate over time - and they deteriorate faster the more software in installed.

  3. Remove programs that are automatically run that you don't really need:

  4. Clean your Registry and Defrag your hard drive using these free products:
    Eusing Registry CleanerA clean registry is a fast registry. Backup your registry before cleaning!
    Auslogics Registry DefragAfter cleaning your registry, defrag it for even better proformance.
    Auslogics Disk DefragA far better disk defrager than comes with Windows.

  5. Back up your system! You don't have to back up everything - just the data. You can reinstall your programs from their disks or CDs after a crash, but data is gone forever if not backed up.

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