Loving-Kindness Meditation - The Beloved

A guided meditation by Ven. Ayya Khema

Please put the attention on the breath for a moment.

Think of a person you love very much, or if there isn't such a person, think of an ideal that you adore; something which opens your heart, and generates a real feeling of warmth. Having experienced love for a person or an ideal, transfer the same feeling to yourself. Be the giver and the recipient of that love.

Think again of the person or the ideal that you love very much. Let that feeling arise and then reach out with the same feeling to everyone here.

Think again of the person or the ideal that you love very much. Let the feeling arise and fill your heart. Then extend the warmth of that feeling to all the people who are near and dear to you.

Let this feeling embrace all your friends. If the strength of the feeling of love has faded, bring your beloved person to mind and heart again, or your beloved ideal.

Now let the same feeling you have for your beloved person go out to all the people that are part of your life; people you meet on your travels, on the street, in the offices, those you work with, those you know and those you don't know. Let them all be as beloved as your beloved person.

If there's anyone in your life whom you don't like very much or towards whom you're totally indifferent, let that person have the same love as your beloved person. The heart does not discriminate. Only the mind make those judgments. Let the mind be quiet, let the heart speak.

Allow the love that you have for your beloved person (or ideal) to flow out of your heart like a golden stream that has no boundaries, that floods and fills all peoples' hearts with your love. Imagine those that are near to be filled with that flood of love, and then further away, gently moving further afield as far as this flood of love will reach.

Look at your beloved person (or ideal) and be that person (or ideal). Become one with it so that the love you feel and the love you're experiencing is all one and the same.

May all beings have love in their hearts.

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